Building on LedgerDomain Selvedge, the world's first enterprise-grade blockchain app server, we created DocuSeal – a GDPR-compliant framework for encrypted and immutable file and message sharing. Here's how we're using DocuSeal to transform how global organizations share and preserve information.



Trust is the world's most valuable resource. It should never be given freely. DocuSeal is a document verification tool that creates trust through the security and immutability of blockchain.

With DocuSeal, you can upload sealed documents into private storage. Each document has a unique hash that is immutably stored on the blockchain. When an authorized user retrieves the document, a hash check verifies its authenticity.



A robust collaborative model for pharmaceutical clinical supply chains, powered by blockchain, in partnership with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Project KitChain aims to create an immutable digital record for inventory and event tracking in the pharmaceutical clinical supply chain.